The beginning of the end

Words seldom spoken
Feeling never to subside
Dreams severely broken
Darkness fills me deep inside

For all that i can do
There are things I cant defeat
Desires held in lieu
Of a life more complete

If never had i dreamed
Never would i have known
For all that i have deemed
Are things for which i have grown

Yes tomorrow i will be a better man
And what if there be no tomorrow
Then there will be no more that I can
And I hope i leave the world without much sorrow

For a full life i had lived
Seen and felt a world of plenty
Not enough of me did i give
I know the folds could have been ten or twenty

Today i rest my heart and my soul
As i pass the wanting years
I fight not getting old
But i have yet cried my last tears

In sadness i am glad
With happinesss i grew sad
For i gave up all that i had
Just to prove that i am mad

People judge us as they wish
But inside we know what we are
In an ocean we are but one fish
And in the heavens we are but one star

The beginning of the end
The end of the beginning
Is still the act of winning..

MuhammeD Bahgat Selim ..


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